Land Rover Propshaft Repair

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hello and welcome landrover lovers in
this tutorial set that we’re going to
present to you we have a three part
series on showing you how to replace
your hardy spice adjoint in a prop shaft
instead of trying to impress you with
the very expensive tools we’re going to
go back to basics and use a very simple
tool to get yourself out of trouble
almost anywhere if you have to replace
your hardest bows to join okay well prop
shops are not exclusive to Land Rover’s
has quite a few different vehicles that
still use a prop shaft with a hardy
Spicer doing included with it as you can
see here on a heavy goods vehicle now
the whole idea of a prop shaft is to
transmit power through different angles
and you can see this prop shaft isn’t
exactly straight Hardy’s Spicer was the
original designer of the universal joint
and what we’re referring to is the
assembly that is between these two yokes
here and here in the raw state we have a
universal joint which also has a grease
nipple which would be considered heavy
duty okay so the first things first we
need to have a look at the slider to see
if the splines are okay now I’m exposing
the splines here to show you what they
look like if you’ve never seen them
before looking at the example on a Land
Rover 110 here you can see the splines
are actually worn and this makes it
unviable to repair the splines here have
actually got a coating of plastic or
Teflon on them and they are impossible
to repair you’d have to replace the prop
shaft the trick is to grab the prop
shaft and twist it to see where the play
is applying the technique here on your
vehicle you can see that it’s evident
that it will show up anywhere that’s in
the prop shaft the little rubber valve
just in here you want to make sure it’s
there as it keeps water and ingress out
and you should make sure also that the
splines will slide if they’re solid then
it’s no good chuck it away
the caps as we would call them in his
tutorial on the spider have at needle
rollers in them and a seal now these are
the operational parts of the universal
joint if we had a perfect prop shaft
then what will find it is that the
movement on all of these joints will be
absolutely smooth with no tightness
whatsoever and they should not be loose
in any direction whatsoever
this prop shaft of a Land Rover is
completely knackered the u j’s have
collapsed and there is so much play it’s
a joke things should never get this far
because what happens is the yokes will
also get worn this will destroy it and
you will not be able to fit another UJ
into it you will find that the back end
or the front end would be knocking or
you’d get serious vibrations this is due
to a lack of maintenance on the owners
part ok so check in your prop shaft you
should always make sure it slides that
there’s no movement on the splines as
I’ve explained and also the joint is not
worn or damaged I’ll also add here that
if you want to find out how smooth your
prop shaft is you need to remove it and
check the U J this you do if you
suspected the prop shaft was causing you
a vibration and this would because the U
J is stiff it’s important to regularly
check vehicles and this one the prop
shaft fell off because it hadn’t had an
inspection for a long time the fault
being the prop shaft was like this
completely worn to pieces and it has
taken out the yokes on the prop itself
so it is absolutely unserviceable the
driver of this Ford Ranger complained of
a vibration at 70 miles an hour
after checking the vehicle over it was
evident that the prop shaft was starting
to fall to bits the aim of any
maintenance is to have regular checks to
make sure that these vehicles are in
sound condition when they go on the road
less inconvenience all around okay
looking at the front prop shaft and this
is offer a discovery v8 okay so solid
prop shaft we have two ends on it and a
slider this is a lot thinner than a
regular prop shaft as it needs to clear
one of the exhausts has a seal and on
the sliders here once it is undone you
can slip this right off and some people
might get confused once it’s off exactly
how it’s put back together well I’m
going to tell you something about Land
Rover which is different to other
vehicles I’ve just position this prop
shaft now the two yokes are in line and
if you look at this vehicle here which
is on a Mercedes the configuration of
the prop shaft is the two yokes are
parallel on the rear this is how your
rear prop shaft should be I hope you
understood that there’s generally for
the rear axle however on this we have a
pointer now I’ll just show you that we
have an arrow okay now on the slider
side it points to the other yoke here it
has an arrow and what we have to do is
line these two up and this will put the
yoke off-center from each other as you
can see here
next time you crawl under landry we’ll
have a look and see how your yolks are
positioned next important thing to
realize with Land Rovers that you might
not find the original prop shaft to the
original vehicle fitted there are a few
different types of Hardy spices or u j’s
or spiders that are available and they
are different sizes so checking these
two out though i have you can see the
physical difference and there’s a
difference of 7.73 millimeters
approximately what I would advise
especially with older vehicles is
remover auj I’ll show you how to do that
I measure it across with the caps on now
that was 75 millimeters roughly all the
caps are the same size and that should
be about 27 mil or approximately 27 mil
I shouldn’t need to say that any
measuring equipment you want to zero in
first before you measure and with these
two different prop shafts I’ve got I’m
going to measure this one which is
approximately 75 millimeters or seven
four point seven and this one will be
about 82 so you have a 82 mil here which
is a large if there is a larger one
still at 95 millimeters something to
consider it if you’re a long long way
away from home you will not get a spider
that which is 82 mil to fit in somewhere
that should be 75 so you can see the
dilemma that you might have this one
again as I’ll show you is approximately
75 millimetres so I have the right prop
shaft seventy four point eight so in the
next couple of episodes we’re going to
see how to remove and replace a yugioh
so it will be as good as this when
you’re done


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