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In case you are looking over this, then chances are you are looking for used Land Rover Freelander parts for sale. Locating used Land Rover spares without delay is essential, espically the specific part prevents you from using your vehicle!

Here, we connect you to numerous Land Rover scrap yards in SA which in turn strip Land Rover Freelanders for spares! No matter what Land Rover model, we will help you quickly get in contact with junk yards throughout South Africa to get exactly what you may need.

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Latest Land Rover Freelander Part Enquiries

2018-11-15 10:21:03 +02:00
James Welland
Part Sales
Hi, I'm trying to find the drivers side headlight for my 2009 Freelander 2 TD4 SE A/T. It needs to be the standard halogen type in reasonably good condition.
2018-11-12 18:03:46 +02:00
Jean du Toit
Part Sales
Looking for a rear tail light lens for a 2011 Freelander II
2018-10-26 12:43:04 +02:00
Part Sales
2.2 TD4
Looking for a used Valve Body or Auto Gearbox for a Freelander 2 TD4.
2018-10-03 13:51:59 +02:00
Hudson Zimba
Part Sales
Hudson Zimba
Could you please quote me availability and price for the following parts:
1. Set of 5 Alloy Wheel Rims – 5 holes Tyre size 235/60r18 (I don’t mind new or refurbished ones as long as they are in good condition)
2. Front Head Lamps and
3. Front Bumper

For a Land Rover Freelander 2; Year of Manufacture 2009; Chassis Number: salfa2aa4ah150196. Unfortunately I don’t any other details. How much would it cost to ship all the above to Zambia?


Hudson Zimba
2018-10-03 13:50:22 +02:00
Part Sales
2.5 v6
head gaskets

About Land Rover Freelander Model

The lightweight SUV was realeased in 1997 and produced in 2 and 4 wheel drive versions. Manufacturing stopped in 2014 and the Freelander was substituted with the Discovery Sport in 2015. Initial models weren’t exceptional off-road vehicles as in comparison to other Rover models but have noticeably improved through the years. It features a flexible suspension that irons out the bumps along with its higher seating also permit excellent all-round vision.

Land Rover Freelander Off Road Driving at its Best!

Why Use Rover Spares

We’ve got a sizeable circle of scrap yards.

Together with tremendous time and effort, we have scoured the internet to find all scrap yards that strip Freelanders and sell their parts. Any time you enquire with our company, it automatically goes out to each and every dealer listed with Rover Spares. This helps you to save a period of time endeavoring to email or call firms one by one all by yourself. This substantially improves the likelihood of finding your parts. Alone, you’ll likely mostly visit the salvage yards that are near you.

Purchase direct from our suppliers

Under no circumstances are the prices pumped since you’re dealing directly with all the junk yards. The dealer sells you the engine, this implies charges are not marked up in either way. Every company have a distinctive method of controlling their organization, but you’ll be doing business directly with them.

Many quotes by your chosen channel

Whether or not you’d like to talk with somebody on the phone or perhaps get numerous email messages that you could print out and assess side-by-side, you’ll receive numerous offers from importers via telephone or e-mail. By numerous proposals, it is possible to ensure that you get the hottest deal in order to get the engine you’ll need and get your automobile restored.

User friendly

We really take the stress away from finding used Land Rover Freelander spares for sale around South Africa. You may either phone us or make a web based enquiry. In advance of calling ensure you have your part number at hand. Once you have submitted your request, simply wait for replies from our circle of Land Rover junk yards.

Our service is never restricted to just the Freelander model, we find used Land Rover spares for all versions. That makes us a portal to aid any car owner find any engine for any kind of vehicle. The saying: “Let Your Fingers Do The Walking” just isn’t valid! Save much time from less enquiries and less driving to each and every junk yard.