Failure of fuel injectors can lead to a major overhaul of the diesel engine Discovery 3 and 4

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Land Rover specialists note that one of the reasons for engine overhaul may be the imbalance of the fuel injectors. Unfortunately, the owner of the car often cannot identify this fault by any external signs, and therefore has to independently request verification of this vehicle unit with the help of specialized diagnostic equipment when visiting the service.

The effective operation of the injectors implies that they must supply the required portion of fuel to the cylinder and thereby cause ignition of the diesel and some kind of impulse (impulse) converted by the engine into mechanical energy. The balance of the injectors exists only if the force and acceleration of these shocks in all cylinders is approximately at the same level. Over time, some injectors may stop spraying fuel in the required amount, which leads, respectively, to poor-quality ignition and inefficient cylinder operation. You can follow the balance with the help of displayed graphics on special diagnostic equipment designed specifically for Land Rover.

If the malfunction persists for a long period of time, this may cause a rise in temperature in the piston and cylinder, their further burning out and, as a result, a violation of the compression in the car. We are talking about the so-called “pouring nozzles”, which for one reason or another inject more fuel than is required, or continue to pass it in the wrong injection phases. At the initial stages, such a malfunction cannot always be identified by ear, its external signs are hard enough to notice. Diagnostics with the use of special equipment can reveal error codes in the balance of the injectors and help to prevent the occurrence of serious breakdowns that cause the need for costly overhaul of a diesel engine. 

Note that in case of early detection of a malfunction, the replacement of the nozzle will cost the Land Rover owner approximately R6200. However, if it came to the piston burning, the motorist will have to pay a lot more for a new short-box (since the pistons are not subject to separate replacement). In addition, it is necessary to separately consider the cost of service services, as well as additional parts, for example, a fastener (bolts, gaskets, fuel pipes, etc.) and timing belt – all this will also result in a very substantial amount.


Do not forget to periodically conduct a diagnosis of the effectiveness of fuel injectors. So you save yourself from serious financial costs in case of breakdowns and the need for capital repairs.

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