Common Engine Problems on the Disco 3 & 4 and how to prevent them

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Defective Oil Pumps Cause Engine Failures!

The most common engine problems for the Disco 3 + 4 are due to defective oil pumps. This is unfortunately a common problem, both in SA and UK. The problem first occurred on the Disco 3 and was meant to have been solved but clearly this is not the case as Disco 4 engines are also failing for the same reason.

There are no warning signs that a failure is about to occur and the result is usually catastrophic – when the oil pump fails the resultant drop in oil pressure causes the crankshaft to fail through oil starvation not lubricating the bearings.

My suggestion is that if this has not yet occurred to your engine that you look to replacing your oil pump with the latest quality unit, if you’re buying a secondhand Disco 3 or 4, immediately upgrade your oil pump, don’t wait, you won’t get a warning before it fails AND the previous owner won’t know, so you can’t blame him.”  – Source: Neville Frost – Landy Centre Cape Town

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  1. Reinhardt

    Hi there, I’m looking at purchasing a Discovery 3 and heard of crankshaft failures on the tdv6. What is the cause of this and can it be prevented?

    • Frank

      Oil pump leaking


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