2018 Land Rover Discovery Review

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Land Rover has been considered as one of the most proficient discovery of the year. Here comes the review of Land Rover Discovery 2018 and the comparison of the Land Rover Discovery parts with the earlier versions in terms of its appearance, performance and the interior modifications.

To begin with, we will start with the new look of the Land Rover. The new model is sleeker as compared to the older one model and with a seven –seater configuration; it has been rated as one of the most wisely designed seven –seater car available in the market so far. The internal modifications had made it, an improved version of previous old Disco 3 and Disco 4. With the covering of aluminium platform all over, the Land Rover weight is around 480 Kg lesser as compared to other heavy models available in the market, which is again an added advantage for the driver. This fifth gen car is a must buy for those who had always complaint for the heavy weight of the previous car models. It has been speculated that there will a raised demand of Land Rover Discovery engines for sale based on the variations done in the engine part.

Apart from the weight loss, Land Rover also holds an upper hand by offering a revised and improvised 141 mm new Disco with a lower and narrower tad, allowing the change in the seat configurations. This modification has allowed the user to experience a comfortable driving. The altered and improved configuration makes it more comfortable for long hour drives too. With this, the other benefit one can get is the availability of 2.0 –litre, four cylinder model, making it a more budget friendly purchase of the year. Hence, purchasing a Land Rover will not add any unnecessary burden on your pocket.

Let’s talk about the interior of the car. The interior of the Land Rover has also been revised drastically as compared to older versions of the model. To make it more convenient for the users, all the seven seats are made motorised and foldable through the easy access of a remote smart phone app. Other exclusive features such as latest JLR touch screen, less cabin buttons defines its unsurpassed design elegance.Land Rover Discovery Interior Parts

So far, we can easily state that Land Rover Discovery is a good choice for roads as compared to its older versions. The
performance quotient of the car has been also upgraded with advanced power of 7.7 seconds to 62mph as a mid range.

Complimenting the needs of roads today, the Land Rover well adjusts to the various pits and holes in its journey. Though the car is well assisted with many of the advanced parking assistances but still parking is a big challenge. One has to groom his parking skills to the best as parking Land Rover is still a difficult task to perform. The lesser visibility because of barely stepped roof with a big – pillar might be the possible reason that interferes with the smooth parking of the Land Rover.

Compromising with its previous appearance, the changes and modifications done are considered to be done to make sure the smooth driving could be done.

Coming out with a conclusion, we can say that overall Land Rover Discovery is a brilliant discovery. It’s outstanding off-
road ability has made it a top pick from the buyers end. The relaxation and comfort offered by the Land Rover with its new modifications adds to its extra utility.


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