How to do an ECU reset on Range Rover Sport 2005

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Today we are going to show you how

to do an ECU reset now the prime reason

we’re doing this is that when we have

the dash out we’ve upset the temperature

gauge so the car is I can assure you

cold now and you can see that the yeah

the the temperature gauge is not reset

right it’s gone off the scale now

someone said that you can fix this by

doing an ECU

reset and it also can be used to cure

other problems that you you may have on

your car and basically what it entails

is disconnecting the battery leaving it

disconnected for five or ten minutes

just to let most of the charge dissipate

and then connecting the battery

terminals together now we’ve never tried

this before so we thought we’d give it a

go on our demonstrator and see if it

gives any problems and then you can have

a go on your car if it solves any

problems post them up on their comment

section below on the YouTube page and

hopefully it might help some people in

the community apparently there is some

faults that even the diagnostic stuff

can’t always reset but this software

that’s sorry this ECU reset which is

basically short in your positive and

negative together can fix them can reset

them because obviously I think it shorts

out the the battery voltage and causes

the ECU to go back into a factory state

and and relearn any algorithms it’s got

in its memory a couple of caution points

make sure you do wait a couple of

minutes and to discharge some of the

charts to dissipate out of capacitors in

the system it might also be worth

putting a resistor across I think I’m

going to put a resistor across initially

I’ll get a high-power resistor and just

low low home low resistance but high

power we’ve got those on our website

anyway so I’ll put one of those across

I’ll wait five minutes

put one of those across and then we’ll

actually short them together as well

physically we’ll do that now I’ll show

you you’re gonna get the battery already

and disconnected I’ll come back and I’ll

show you that bit of the process okay so

we’re now going to disconnect the

battery remove the battery cover

disconnect the negative first get the

right size socket it’s always helped

sorry I should have got that ready

what’s like what size are we Tom fed

negative like seven on the back

okay just loosen that nut on the top now

okay so we want to tuck that out the way

so it’s not gonna do anything we’re

gonna leave that five minutes going up a

cup of tea and then we’ll come back and

we’ll put a resistor across the negative

terminal here and this one to dissipate

any charge in the system and hopefully

that will then reset the ECU so we’ll

join you again in five okay so we’ve had

our cup of tea and we’ve now got this

resistor which is a 15 ohm resistor and

we’ve got one more brown on one side and

a blue on the other and what we’re gonna

do is we’re gonna go from the positive

terminal which is still connected b-but

it’s not gonna because the negatives not

connected it it’s actually in effect


don’t touch this onto that negative

terminal that’s the only thing that’s

gonna give you a problem what we need to

do is go onto the the disconnected

section here okay and touch so door

button that’ll dissipate any voltage

we’ve got through the resistor okay when

we’ve done that then what you’ll notice

is this and this little lead I’ve made

up here the brown on the brown Archie

connected together so this is

effectively the same as putting a wire

across and again under no circumstances

touch that negative terminal over there

just connect to the clamp yeah okay or

you’ll have a hell of a mess on your


huh alright so we’ve now shorted it out

now that but that apparently resets the

ECU’s okay so happy that that’s all done

so have a

like will now reconnect this negative I

cannae terminal okay and we’ll just

clump my up again put the 13 millimeter

clamp on it and then we’ll go and see if

that’s reset everything or not okay all

right so that’s I’ll grab a camera tom

and go inside and see if that’s three

settings that should in theory I’ve

reset everything and back in the side

okay get the key and let’s see what it

now we may need to do some okay doing a

system check-in process

okay the bonnet open let me start that

Tom’s the way to Tom’s up in you but it

hasn’t fixed my problem of the the

temperature gate so I need to look into

what’s happened with that but everything

else seems to be okay because Tom’s just

putting about you cover back on all

right you’re you’re all clear tom

yeah shut the bonnet down so yeah we’ve

got to go and do we’ve got to reach you

in the radio but everything else seems

to be functioning properly so that may

well solve some problems for you it

hasn’t solved our temperature gay issue

so we’ll have to look at that a bit

further but that’s how you do an easy

you reset counting don’t good luck with




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