Freelander Front Suspension Knocking?

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After a significant test on the Freelander 2, there may be extraneous knocks in the front suspension, both on one and from two sides. There may be several reasons for knocking when moving, especially on an uneven surface, but as a rule, this is a knock of the silent block of the front suspension arm.

The silent block at the front lever on the Freelander 2 is hydraulic, it is filled with oil (in point 6 in the image below). If the rubber part is damaged, the oil can leak out and the silent block will no longer cope with its function.

While driving, a breakdown can manifest itself as a knock, a slight yaw of the car on a track, the ride ceases to be comfortable. In the original Land Rover catalogue, the individual components of the lever are not detailed and, according to the catalogue, the lever must be completely changed, and on both sides at once. But you can purchase separately as ball bearings.

freelander 2 front suspension diagram

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